Walk and Talk Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Nature. Rooted in Relationships & Created Realities.

What does Walk & Talk Offer?

Walk & Talk Life Coaching offers One-on-One Conversations & Small Group Workshops.

For One-on-One conversations – There is an experience where you are most yourself & at your best. All other noise falls away. You are clear & powerful. Your intentions are forwarded. What brings that forth?

  • A pristine, objective listening?
  • Being fascinated & focused in nature?
  • Enjoying the fun & freedom of healthy humor?
  • Movement?
  • Carefully designed exercises to have you discover your own wisdom?

Walk & Talk Life Coaching has all that for you!

How does Walk & Talk Offer That?

Virtual technologies allow for conversations from the comfort of your own home or for the timely convenience of your workplace while beautiful natural settings are selected for our work together in the focusing elements of nature.

One-on-One formats include:

  • VIP Days in 4 or 6 hour increments.
  • Weekly meetings for 6 months with 5 check-in calls per month.
  • Weekly meetings for 1 year with 5 check-in calls per month & 2 VIP days.
  • Group workshops are also available.

Focuses: Money & Business Empowerment, Romantic & Business Partnerships, Dream Design… Come Walk & Talk!