About Maria

With 18 years of structured- transformational experiences, 11 years as a boy-mom, a strong interest in the nobility of men, & certified in Money Archetype workshops, I am the person you want to listen to you. The real you. The one with visions, aspirations and natural playfulness.

With a M.S. in Plant physiology from Penn State University, I know the grounding power of plants, nature & have been trained in scientific, analytical thinking.

After 10 years of owning a local vegetable farm, I came to recognize that when people are working with the land and humor is involved – the conversations get real.


Customized Individual Sessions

  • Deep Listening
  • Financial Personality Typing
  • Entrepreneurial Focusing for Sole Proprietors
  • Communication Consulting

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Walk & Talk
Life Coaching

Walk & Talk Life Coaching offers One-on-One Conversations & Small Group Workshops.

Focuses: Money & Business Empowerment, Romantic & Business Partnerships, Dream Design...

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Have known about Maria and her talent for years. Her gift is to allow your life to transform through her listening ear. She has an ability to BE with you that is uncanny! Give her a try and watch the results! One of my walk-and talk sessions with her changed my whole life. It was in reference to a relationship of mine. It was the cause of a miraculous transformation for me. Maria’s Walk & Talk is absolutely amazing!

BH, 51 years old, Oak Island Beach, NC

I have been receiving life coaching from Maria and I love it! She has been pointing out all the areas that are important for me to focus on, changing my life for the better. She is awesome at listening and understanding what is needed to move forward from life’s enigmas. She is a great advisor and a person you would want to choose for guidance. I would recommend anyone to speak with her to bring clarity to your life.

MV, 26 years old, Charlotte, NC


Get a broader view.
Be fascinated, focused, forwarded.

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